Son considers nourishment whilst Lumiere goes on a diet. 
Originally posted: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010


  1. ? high lix here...:-)
    sort of forced onto nature, is it not ?
    but then again: where do the spoken words originate from?

  2. ? high lix here...:-)?

    The voice on the soundtrack is a cut up from a YouTube video of a young woman discussing her ongoing struggle with Bulimia

  3. right. still trying to figure how out emanuelle got into it :-))

    it was the text that sort of made one more layer...

    it all becomes quite a challenging new concotion: it takes me at least two viewings before the originals (context, sound, circumstances) are diluted, and the new amalgam becomes a new work, to be assessed and enjoyed on its own.
    very interesting process, indeed.

    when the time comes to produce the dvd, it should have a booklet with it, stating facts about all ingredients; that would make quite fine multi layered reading