Lumiere and Son first meet when Lumiere is on a trip to London. Lumiere was studying a composition through a concrete letterbox at the Barbican whilst Son was listening to music from Orrori del castello di Norimberga (Baron's Blood).
Originally posted: Monday, November 30, 2009 


  1. " Just when it appears that "Gli orrori del castello di Norimberga" is firmly entrenched within horror voodle conventions, a new character by the name of Sam Renseiw (Joseph Cotten) pops up seemingly out of nowhere to add a complication to the plot.
    An elderly, wheelchair-bound voodler, Renseiw decides to purchase the Barbican property and restore the castle to its original condition. He is drawn to Eva (Elke Sommer) and immediately offers her a job as his personal assistant. But when Eva is attacked by the Baron, first at the castle and then at her Barbican Estate apartment, she tells Renseiw that she is resigning from the position. While there are more than enough clues to indicate that Renseiw is, in fact, Baron Blood (from his demonic smile and burning eyes to his almost perverse attraction to the much younger Eva, playing ball on the CLSG field), one is immediately reminded of an almost identical scenario played out in an earlier Dan Curtis film, House of Dark Shadows (1970)."

    a genuine pata-paraphrase from :



  2. Yes there was something about this Lumiere that just cried out for sound and the small segment from Baron's Blood seemed right on all sorts of levels. The incidental music is intended for one of those 'sweet" moments in the film when everything is in a kind of reverie and almost distracted - a reprise or pause from the inevitable horror that is to come