Right of Passage

"The Queen shall arise and sit down again in King Edward's Chair, while the Knights of the Garter bear away the pall; whereupon the Queen arising, the Dean of Westminster, assisted by the Mistress of the Robes, shall put upon her Majesty the Colobium Sindonis and the Supertunica or Close Pall of cloth of gold, together with a Girdle of the same. Then shall the Queen again sit down; and after her, the people also".
Originally Posted: Wednesday, April 14th, 2010


  1. morning encounter, on the way to work, on bike:
    michelle obama & cortege crossing.

  2. The music is by the ANDREW OLDHAM ORCHESTRA and is a version of the Rolling Stones song 'Last Time'. It was sampled by the Verve for their song 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'. Overlaid is a short extract from Elizabeth's progression/procession at the coronation