Theory of the Young-Girl (in the Rain)

Lumiere watches the progress of the young girl in the rain whilst Son sits back and listens to some After Dinner music whilst considering Tiqqun.
Originally Posted: Friday, April 30th, 2010


  1. Arigato gozaimasu! fantastic derive in the rain, a la lettre !
    great after dinner music overlay too [would be nice to have a translation]
    re: tiqqun: just found two links to a 2001 scanned edition and a later one from 2006. fine graphics and superb neo-lettrisme.

  2. Thanks Mr Lumiere - I was thinking of adding a link to the bloom site so people could learn more about the Theory of the Young-Girl. More info on After Dinner here:

  3. great! a whole new discovery for me: japanese improvised music. sound great. (any links to lsten to, btw ?)

  4. There is some After Dinner on Last Fm

  5. Translation of the Theory of the Young Girl